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Wrist Band / Strap Tester GroundStat™

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Wrist Band / Strap Tester GroundStat™
Wrist Band / Strap Tester GroundStat™

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  • Size :One Size
  • Description:Wrist Strap Tester
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  • Specifications:All Items conform to ESD Handling - EN-61340-5-1
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Anti-Static ESD Static Wrist Strap Tester/ Checker Manufactured by GroundStat™ in the UK


1 x GroundStat™ Wrist Band Tester / Checker

1 x Instructions - How to set up your Wrist Strap Tester / Checker


A unique checker that measures the resistance of wrist straps and if wall mounted heel straps, at between 750 KOhms and 35 MOhms

Manufactured by GroundStat™ in the UK and meets EN 61340-5-1 for handling Static Sensitive products.

When testing, the operator simply connects to the test via the 4mm banana plug socket. To test make finger contact with the stainless push button, and “press to test”. A green LED will illuminate for the pass or the red LED will illuminate for fail. An audible buzzer will sound if the red fail LED illuminates. If the resistance through the coil cord wristband and person exceeds 35 meg ohms the red fail LED will light, if the resistance is below 750 KOhms red Fail LED will Illuminate. If the 9-volt PP3 battery falls below 6.5 volts during the test the yellow battery low LED will Illuminate.

The product is CE approved.


Power Supply 9 volt PP3 alkaline battery.

Temperature Range Operating 5°C to 49°C (40°F to 120°F) Storage -15°C to +60°C

Relative Humidity 0% to 90% (non-condensing)

Accuracy +/- 10% Repeatability +/- 10%

Weight 350g

Dimensions of Tester 130mm x 70mm x 25mm

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