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Surface Resistance Meter Inc Carry Pouch

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Surface Resistance Meter Inc Carry Pouch

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  • Description:Surface Resistance Meter (SRM)
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Surface Resistance Meter Including Carry Pouch 

Portable instrument for measuring both surface resistivity and resistance to ground. (Using 10 / 100 volts). Very easy to use. 
(Requires 9 volt battery)

The first pocket resistivity meter, with specifications ranging from 10/3 Ohms per square to 10/12 ½ decade. The meter can be supplied with a certificate of Calibration upon request. 

The meter measures both surface resistivity and resistance to ground. To measure surface resistivity, simply place the meter on the surface of the material that requires measuring, and press the green test button. The meter will then light the appropriate LED from 103 - 1012 Ohms per square or insulative. To measure resistance to ground, repeat this process and insert the earth leakage lead in the earth socket attaching the crocodile clip to your ground point. 

The meter uses correctly spaced parallel bars for sensing its measurements and operates with a 9 volt PP3 battery, giving over 40 hours of testing time. Calibration of the unit is recommended every 12 months, this can be arranged by contacting the SCP Office.

 The product is CE approved. 

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