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Slim Line Earth Bonding Bar 3 x 7mm Studs GroundStat™

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Slim Line Earth Bonding Bar 3 x 7mm Studs GroundStat™

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  • Quantity :One Off
  • Size :100mm x 25mm Approx
  • Description :Earth Bonding Bar
  • Specification :All Grounding Products confirm with EN-61340-5-1
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Connection Type – 3 x 7mm Studs Fitted with1 Meg Ohm Resistors

Easy connection to mains earth for operators and other elements of the Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA)
For use in the factory

Moulded from ABS

This unit distinguishes between Earth Facility and earth bonding point - An earth facility (EF) usually distributes the electrical mains earth or a dedicated ESD earth (protective earth) within an EPA. An earth bonding point (EBP or common Ground Point) ties together several elements of an EPA such as bench surface, floor mat or wrist strap. In this manner, all are kept at the same electrical potential. In an EPA there may be several EBP but there must be only one EF. 



Supports ESD S20.20 and EN 61340-5-1 ESD Handling 

(Please see our Full Range of Earth Grounding Products)

Designed and manufactured in the UK

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