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Pink Antistatic Bag - Zip Top 12" x 16" (305 x 406)

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Pink Antistatic Bag - Zip Top 12" x 16" (305 x 406)
Pink Antistatic Bag - Zip Top 12' x 16' (305 x 406)

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  • Size:12" x 16" (305 x 406mm)
  • Description :Pink Antistatic Bags - Zip Top
  • Quantity :1 x Pack = 100 Bag's
  • Specifications:All bags conform to ESD Handling - EN-61340-5-1
  • Special Note:Ex - Stock
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Pink Antistatic Low Charging bags provide a safe storage and transportation of static sensitive devices and printed circuit boards.

All bags conform to EN-61340-5-1

1 Pack = 100 Bag's


Static Control Products Limited has 1000's of stock bags (Static Shielding - Open Top - Zip Top - Moisture Barrier Bags) available for a next day delivery.

Product Type: Anti-static Pink Bags (Open Top and Zip Lock) Description & The main carrier of this product is based on linear or low density Specification: polyethylene with an amine free additive system which differs from traditional amine containing antistats. It is recommended for all antistatic applications that currently use tertiary amines. The non reactivity of this product makes it ideal for the packaging of polycarbonate printed circuit boards. Tertiary amines (Tattowamine, Stenrylamine, and Cocoamine) react with polycarbonate destroying it integrity. These new improvements are nonreactive with polycarbonate, intensitive to moisture, non corrosive, non irritating and heat stable, it is antistatic immediately after being produced which meets MIL spec 81705-B decay rate test immediately when produced. 

Colour: Pink Tint.

 Tensile: When measured according to BS 2782, method 30 IE AND Annex Strength of Defence Standard 93-13/Issue 1, AT the tensile strengths in both Elongation the longitudinal and transverse directions shall be not less than 12 Break:Mpa and the elongation break shall be not less than 250% in either direction. For open widths less than 150mm only the longitudinal properties can be measured. Note : IPa = IN/m2 Tear When measured according to BS 2782 Method 308A and Annex C of Resistance: DEF 93-13/1, the tear resistance of the material in both the longitudinal and transverse directions shall be not less than 50N/mm thickness. Surface When measured according to ASTM method D-257-66, surface Resistivity: resistivity of 1010 - 1011 ohms/sq are achieved. This meets MIL spec 81705-B.

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