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Electrostatic Field Meter

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Electrostatic Field Meter
Electrostatic Field Meter

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  • Description:ESD Field Meter
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  • Specifications:All Items conform to ESD Handling - EN-61340-5-1
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 Handheld, portable, digital electrostatic field meter with a rotating chopper. 
 Detects and accurately measures electrostatic fields 
 Measures: fields, potentials and discharge time
  Automatic field to voltage conversion (V/m V) according to the selected distance
  Very stable zero adjust 

Measuring range (EFM/ CPS model): 

Technical Data: Power supply: 9V rechargeable battery (IEC6F22) or rechargeable battery Range: 0-160kV / 0 – 800 kV/m 

Display: 2 row LCD- display 

Dimension: 70 x 122 x 26mm (W x L x H)

 Weight: 130g (without battery) 

 1 year limited warranty - Recommended calibration interval: 2 years User manual supplied with product, available on request. 

 The product is CE approved. 

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